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Ice tramp LLC supports maritime expeditions and scientific research in the polar regions.


The company owns and operates two vessels,


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The ships are named after the leading sled dogs of 1925 Nome serum run. Togo is a converted North Sea trawler. Balto is a former Finish government hydrographic ice breaker.


Both vessels have been refitted incorporating modern safety standards, feature a work boat strength and interiors reminiscent of the bygone era of tramp steamers.


The owners and the crew have vast experience in the high Arctic, having completed numerous scientific and private expeditions over the past decade. Our clients include the NYU, Environment Canada, NASA/JPL, U.S.NAVY UWC, UCI, many television and film production companies, as well as host of private agents.

 “If I have learned one thing from you, it’s that it is possible to cruise the most challenging seas in style.”

Eric Rignot

Principal Ice Sheet Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Professor of Earth System Science at the University of California, Irvine



Balto is the roomiest and most elegant small polar expedition yacht in service. It is also one of the the sturdiest. A former Finish government ice breaker. Build to Finish and Lloyd’s 1-A ice class. The vessel structure and the skin is of high grade “corten” steel. It is ice enforced the complete length of the hull and double bottomed with tank placement. 

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It has been fitted with a electric diesel propulsion capable of maintaining versatile maneuvering and survey speeds with no vibration, also ideal as film and photo platform.


Balto offers a relaxed luxury accommodations for 12 guests in staterooms with full private facilities, and 12 crew. Cabins include 3 suites, 2 large double cabins and 2 spacious single cabins, all with private bathrooms and showers. The guest deck also sports a sauna with a cold shower. The richly appointed salon and the dining messroom feature crotch-mahogany paneling, an ambient diesel burning stove, library, bar, card table, crew mess, coffee and tea stations, mud room, large office and lounge aft of bridge, with ample outlets. She is fitted with a large restaurant style open galley, where you can check on the marvels of our chefs and sample freshly baked bread. There are many open and semi enclosed deck spaces.


Metal, electronic and bio-workshops. Spare parts and tool rooms. Large hold. Submersible and other equipment carrying and deployment capability. Large storage and refrigeration rooms. The vessel underwent complete refit by the experienced Ice Tramp team, turning her into a prime high latitudes expedition yacht.


Top Deck

Main Deck

Lower Deck

Call Sign: EU3395

Built: Rauma Pepola Savonlinna, Finland

Length: 40 meters

Beam: 9 meters

Draft: 3.6 meters

Tonnage: 427 GT ITC

Guests: 12 people

Main Engine: WARTSILA

Generator: a) Isuzu 105 kW GBL, b) Perkins 100kW, c) Volvo 80 kW

Cruising Speed: 9 knots

Fuel: 26 ton - range 26-30 days

Fresh Water: 37 mT+ water-makers

Tenders: Two MilPro F470 Zodiacs rated for 11 persons

“It was a brilliant success. No one was hurt. Nothing was lost or broken. These guys pulled it off in minimal time, with limited money.”

Robert Tyce

NUWC (U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center) Scientist



Togo is a 102ft /31m motor yacht, custom built in 1965 by the legendary Dunston Shipyard and last refitted in 2018.


Originally built as a North Sea trawler, she was converted into a Lloyd’s safety vessel in the 1980s, than into a yacht with an extensive refit in 2012, and finally upgraded to an expedition yacht in 2018.

Togo accommodates 10 guests in 5 cabins with large private bathrooms, and 2 guests in smaller single cabins with shared bathroom. The vessel has a well-appointed galley and mess room, an elegant and comfortable mahogany paneled salon, with bar and kitchenette. Her deck areas are spacious with semi enclosed decks on the sides, and equipped with much auxiliary equipment.


A sturdy vessel with elegant sheer, she sails with abundant intimacy from a bygone era of tramp steamers.


Top Deck

Main Deck

Lower Deck

Call Sign: ESU3385

Length: 31 meters

Beam: 7 meters

Draft: 4 meters

Tonnage: 187 GT ITC

Guests: 12 people

Main Engine: Lister Blackstone EVS8MGR

Generator: a) Duetz GBL, b) NorPro 60kW, c) IVECO

Cruising Speed: 9 knots

Fuel: 26 ton - range 26-30 days

Fresh Water: 15,000 l + water-makers

Tenders: Two MilPro F470 Zodiacs rated for 11 persons

 “Ultimately, the survey exceeded expectations and included major successes such as mapping to the faces of several major marine- terminating glaciers.


Of these, the collection of data in Upernavik Fjord stands apart as a particularly remarkable achievement given the exceptional challenge of safely navigating the extremely heavy ice conditions caused by the fjord’s numerous calving glaciers. “

Ian Fenty, Josh Willis, NASA, JPL

Early Results from NASA’s Ocean Ice Mission in Greenland


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Icetramp's reputation stems from the owners' and crew's vast experience in the Arctic, having completed numerous scientific and private expeditions.

Over the past decade our clients included, NYU, Environment Canada, NASA/JPL, U.S.NAVY UWC, UCI, TV and film companies.

Click below to watch videos and read more about the expeditions. 

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“I find it difficult to neatly summarize what I’ve learned on board. The immense and potentially lethal beauty of the polar north is a reminder of the individual visitor’s insignificance, and yet the Arctic as a whole is being undone by climate conditions created through humanity’s collective impact. ”

Kevin West

Glacier Hunting Off Greenland’s Frozen Coast” Condé Nast Traveler

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